Liking Mandy Moore

2 thoughts on “Liking Mandy Moore”

  1. Mandy Moore was in a couple other movies….but none were as wonderful as “A Walk to Remember”. The first tone the pops into my head was “Saved!” which was awkward and I wouldn’t recommend. However “License to Wed” and “Because I Said So” were pretty entertaining. “How to Deal”, “American Dreams” and “Chasing Liberty” were decent movies. I am now a huge Mandy Moore fan, but like you I didn’t like her in jr. high. “Candy” still makes me laugh-what a bad song lol. But some of her newer stuff is really pretty good!

    1. Hi,

      Gosh, I just find out about your comments after two years! Thank you for the information about MM movie though. I would surely look them up the next time I visit DVD store ^____^

      Btw, have you heard MM album, “Amanda Leigh”? I would appreciate if you could share some reviews, as a Mandy Moore fan (are you still her fan after this two years?)

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